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We have almost 4700 registered voters.  1600 are republicans, 800 are democrats and about 2300 are Independents.  Given that mix, roughly 1 out of 6 are Democrats, 2 out of 6 are Republicans, and 3 out of 6 are independent.  Yet, we have only Republicans on the council, and they have been running generally unopposed for a very long time.  To have a council that is truly representative of ALL the voters, we ought to have 1 Democrat, 2 Republicans and 3 Independents.  This would give us more ideas and better government.  We all see the problems at the federal level of our two-party system, and a one party system is even worse, and that's what we have had, until now.

In our most recent primary, my opponents won their primary with only 480 and 440 votes, respectively.  That is only about 10% of the registered voters.  This cycle repeats itself each year with a one party system.  They have not been selected by a majority of the registered voters, they have been selected by a tiny fraction of the residents of Allendale.    If I were not running, those results would be final, and my opponents would take office with only 10% of the votes. 

If you want a voice for SOME, vote for my opponents, but...

If you want a VOICE for ALL, vote for me!

Don't forget it's vote for TWO out of THREE, so even if you really like one of my opponents, you can still vote for me!



Burgoyne for Allendale Council
96 Crescent Place, Allendale, NJ  07401
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